Sponsorships, Private Gifts, and Donations of Goods and Services

The years since COVID have been challenging for YOPBC. A break-in at YOPBC’s outside storage facility wiped out the organization’s reserve of musical instruments. The replacement value of these stolen instruments totals $36,000.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has also had a dramatic impact on YOPBC. Beginning in March 2020, Vera Lee Rinker Hall at Palm Beach Atlantic University, where YOPBC’s rehearsals take place, temporarily closed and all rehearsals were suspended. All upcoming YOPBC performances at venues throughout Palm Beach County were canceled. 

The cancelation of concerts resulted in a loss of revenue usually accrued from concert ticket sales. Furthermore, a move to Boynton Beach Arts and Culture Center proved temporary as lease costs soared and they would not honor and exclusive Sunday lease.

Your generosity helps us introduce a new generation of musicians and audiences to the timeless beauty of playing and listening to orchestral music.

Now more than ever, won’t you please help us by making a donation to YOPBC.

YOPBC Annual Sponsorship Campaign


A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who have stepped up and become YOPBC Sponsors last year!

The response from parents and friends who took part in last year’s Sponsorship Campaign was amazing.


Your generosity will help us with meeting our operating expenses, particularly the costs of venue rentals, supplies, and instruments. Funds raised will also help us reach out to children who demonstrate financial need by awarding scholarships.

Pick one of our sponsorship levels and give today.

Finale Level Sponsors donate $1,000+


Grandioso Level Sponsors donate between $500 to $999


Intermezzo Level Sponsors donate between $250 and $499


Overture Level Sponsors donate $100+


For more information on becoming a sponsor please call 561-281-8600.

Make a Private Gift

YOPBC depends on private gifts and grants to support programs, and to fund scholarships for children who demonstrate financial need. Your gift can:

  • help us put into action YOPBC’s belief that no child should be turned away because of financial need
  • fund a program or concert
  • offset the costs of summer camp operating expenses
  • fund a guest artist appearance at a rehearsal or performance
Donations Of Goods And Services 

YOPBC is also looking donations of goods and services, such as:

  • Printing expenses (Concert Program/Mailers)
  • New computer for the office
  • Portable copier/printer
  • New music stands
  • Gift Certificates from any office product store

We are always grateful for the donation of your time.  Volunteers help our organization run smoothly.

For more information on becoming a sponsor please contact us or call 561-281-8600.