General Attendance Policy

Attendance is required at all regularly scheduled rehearsals, dress rehearsals, sound checks, and performances. Students are expected to be ready to begin on time. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each rehearsal/concert. At the discretion of the conductor and music director, students who arrive late or miss sound checks/rehearsals may be ineligible to perform at concert(s). Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late or leaving before the rehearsal is over will be considered absent from the entire rehearsal. If a rehearsal is missed, it is the responsibility of the student to inquire about any material covered and to request and prepare any new music prior to the next rehearsal.

Illness sometimes occurs. Absence from a rehearsal or concert due to illness is excused but needs to be documented with a verifiable signed note from a parent, guardian, or doctor. Failure to submit proper documentation will be considered an unexcused absence.

YOPBC supports students’ participation in their school orchestras, district and all-state opportunities, and community music groups and activities. However, students and parents are responsible to plan accordingly to minimize the number of absences from YOPBC. A schedule has been given in advance, so please plan accordingly. If a child must regularly miss Sunday afternoon rehearsals for school activities, sports, or other elective activities, we ask you to reconsider participation in the YOPBC.

High school seniors, please note that frequent college visits scheduled that conflict with Sunday rehearsals may be problematic. Consult your conductor and orchestra manager at least two weeks in advance for approval.

YOPBC awards Community Service Hours at the conclusion of each season. Any student who fails to adhere to the YOPBC attendance policy will have his or her hours forfeited.


Concert Attendance


Failure to attend a concert is grounds for immediate dismissal from the ensemble and may affect future ensemble placement. Students are expected to be ready to begin sound checks on time. At the discretion of the conductor and music director, students who arrive late or miss sound checks/rehearsals may be ineligible to perform at concert(s). Furthermore, all students are expected to stay for the entire concert performance.

Please do not ask to leave early or arrive late.

Concert presentation is a huge expense and concert revenues through ticket sales and corporate sponsorships help to significantly offset expenses including concert hall rental, technical fees, and royalty fees associated with the music. Despite the high overhead, YOPBC strives to keep concert ticket prices affordable and accessible to all audiences. By attending every concert, and inviting relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. to come as well, YOPBC musicians and their families help to increase YOPBC’s revenues. Strong family and friend participation also introduces more and more people to our outstanding program and performances. The young musicians of YOPBC work hard and deserve to play to a full house every time they perform!


Procedure For Probation And Dismissal

Students may be placed on probation after two absences in a semester at the discretion of the Music Director of the ensemble and the Board Chairperson. If placed on probation, the student’s certificate eligibility, scholarship, and ensemble assignments will be reconsidered. In some cases, a student may be excluded from concert(s). All decisions regarding the dismissal from YOPBC or ineligibility to perform a concert(s) will be made by the Conductor, Music Director and Board Chairperson and shall be final. Refunds will not be given.

Absence Request Form

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Please submit your request two weeks in advance.