The Youth Orchestra Of Palm Beach County is open to students, ages seven to 22, who wish to play an orchestral instrument and become part of a youth orchestra.

Orchestras & Chamber Ensembles

Within YOPBC, there are four different orchestras and several chamber ensembles.

Each orchestra encompasses a specific level of playing and musical understanding.

Philharmonic Orchestra

The Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Kyle Prescott, is for musicians of advanced
ability who are interested in playing professional level music.

Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Michael Fraley, is a full orchestra for players of intermediate and advanced intermediate ability.

String Orchestra

Conducted by Susan Ott Rodberg, the String Orchestra provides an introduction to the basics of playing in an orchestra, fosters the development of basic music reading skills, offers orchestral experience and cultivates the ability to work with a conductor.

Training Orchestra

Conducted by Susan Ott Rodberg, the Training Orchestra is for our youngest members who are starting as 2nd graders. Requirements include being able to play two scales and a simple solo. Additionally, students need to have a basic knowledge of note names and music symbols.

Chamber Ensembles

The YOPBC Chamber Ensemble program is open to members performing at an Intermediate to Highly Advanced level from each of our orchestras.

They require a high level of commitment, responsibility, performance and concert etiquette.

YOPBC’s audition policy is in effect for any student wishing to join one of YOPBC’s Chamber Ensembles.

Rehearsals focus on the development of instrumental and music technique, music literacy, ensemble skills and aesthetic musical awareness.

Students learn the importance of productivity and accountability as the group sets and meets goals through active participation and responsibility.

Reflection, analytic assessment, and problem-solving skills will be used consistently as students communicate and collaborate to improve their own and others’ performances.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp programs provide an opportunity for students at every level – beginning, intermediate and advanced, including those who want to get started over the summer. It also offers the flexibility some might want so they can try a different instrument before committing to a full school year.

We provide a fun day of varied activities that include trips to museums, off-site field trips, organized sports activities, arts and crafts, guest artists, performances, private lessons, and as you would expect, lots of music.

Ready To Start?

Full Season Program Requirements & Procedures