About Your Website


Keeping your website secure is extremely important. There are people who are dedicated to hacking websites as you may already be aware of. Your website is protected to a great extent by your hosting plan. But you still need to take safety precautions when providing third parties with access. When this becomes necessary you want to create a username and password for each person you want to grant access, and never share your login and password. This way you have full control of who can make changes on your website, and remove their access very easily when once they complete their assignment, without affecting anyone else’s access. You will find a short video tutorial in the tutorial section to walk you through the process of creating new users.


Your website is built on a premium WordPress framework or theme called Divi. It is very flexible and allows for any customizations and changes to the layout you may want at any given time. In addition, your website also includes additional software or plugins, to add specific functionality as required for your business.


Your website software requires updates from time to time. The core software is kept up to date with your hosting plan. But the software used to develop your site and add functionality to it will require updating as the software developers release new versions. Not doing so can cause issues and things not to work properly, and occasionally the updates might require adjustments. If you don’t currently have a maintenance plan and run into any issues contact support and we’ll take care of it as a one-time service.

Useful Links

To make maintaining and managing your website easier, below are links to tutorials and tips, easy access your hosting account, and more.

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Client Center


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